Daniel & Carey

Evangeline, Caydia, Jace, & Neeley

~images by Olive Gray Photography~

Family First

At the heart of everything we do is a love for family.
Before our journey as husband and wife began, before we ever picked up a camera to capture someones special day through photographs or films, we knew that we wanted to be ‘momma’ and ‘daddy’ first. Being blessed with four beautiful children has been nothing short of an adventure as well as a constant reminder of our ‘why’.
We hope you’ll see our passion for preserving life’s most precious moments for you and your ‘someday family’!

Storytellers At Heart

The foundation of every wedding is a story.
So many people, circumstances, and choices must come together at just the right time to bring you together. Our goal is to capture real moments throughout your day with images that will portray the beauty and emotion of your wedding. Films that incorporate heartfelt dialogue can bring even greater depth and meaning.
Let us bring our 10yrs of creativity and experience to your special day!