How do I reserve or book my date?

Our services are reserved upon receipt of your retainer (usually between 25-35% of total fee depending upon your date) and on a first come/first served basis. After a brief phone call to learn more about your needs, you’ll receive our current collections/pricing to help you make your decision. Included will be contract terms, payment options, and the ability to initiate the booking process.

I’m just shopping around…can you just send me your pricing and availability information?

While we completely understand you may have budget expectations, what’s more important is finding a team that you ‘click’ with. If you truly love what you see on our site, lets chat…you might be surprised at what we can do for you!

How do you accept payments, and when are they due?

Our preferred method of payment is via check, but online payments can be made as well with an additional 3% convenience fee.

Do you offer any discounts?

Unfortunately we do not offer any discounts, but we DO offer some pricing incentives when booking PHOTO + VIDEO collections!

What does your communication process look like?

A good connection with our couples results in a better wedding day experience, and ultimately a more authentic final product. Whether through a Skype session, Hangout, text, phone calls, or an online questionnaire…we want to know as much as we can about you and your day to gather expectations and make sure we are fully prepared. If you don’t feel you’ll be able to provide that time, we may not be the best fit for you.

Who will be photographing/filming our wedding?

You will always have Daniel and/or Carey on every shoot, and another trained shooter depending upon your chosen collection. We will let you know several weeks before your event exactly whom you can expect.

How much posing/directing do you do on the wedding day?

Very little! We want to capture real moments as they happen. Occasionally we will make suggestions to sweeten things a little, but our goal is to let you enjoy your day to the fullest, and those around you.

Who chooses the music for your films?

We do! For any slideshows/films we place online for public viewing, we must license the music to comply with legal restrictions. We do our best to match the songs with the emotion and tone of your day. With that said, for longer films we pull from a list of songs/artists YOU provide for us in our pre-shoot questionnaire!

How do you deliver your photos? Videos?

We deliver almost all of our photos/films either online via digital download or on customized USB flash drives. With CD/DVDs becoming more and more obsolete, we want to ensure that what we deliver is easy to archive, share, and enjoy for decades to come!

How long does it take to deliver photos/films?

Our contracts state that images should be ready for proofing/delivery in 6-8weeks from your event (portraits sessions much less), and video highlights will be ready 2-4weeks after your event. We ask for a 2-3month turnaround time for longer feature films.

Do you offer ‘raw images/footage’?

Unfortunately, no. After we have delivered our photos & films to you, we archive all of your files for up to 6months to ensure that you’ve had the opportunity to share/back up all of your content adequately.

Do you travel?

Heck yes! With many destination weddings under our belt, we are prepared to work anywhere. We’ll work with you to keep airfare/accommodation costs as low as possible. We even have an Airstream, so don’t be surprised if we opt to take her out on the road for your wedding weekend!